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Re: Becoming a BrainGym Instructor

December 26, 2005 05:16PM
Dear Michelle,
An instructor/consultant teaches the basic classes they are licensed to teach and facilitates the work with clients privately. Some people prefer not to teach classes and only see clients privately, we sometimes refer to these people as consultants.

You do need to complete the licensing requirements in order to teach the 101 class and utilize the copyright and trademark protected materials. As you know most educational or training programs require the instructor of a class to have a higher level of knowledege and experience than is provided in the class that they teach and you must be trained to teach the class. You have to have a college degree to teach in elementary and secondary school. I had to take classes in college that taught a higher level of math and science than is taught in 9th grade general science in order to get a certificate to teach science up to and through 9th grade general science. I also had to have a methods class in college and do practice teaching in order to get my Ohio state teacher's teaching certificate in order to teach Vocational Agriculture and science in a public school in Ohio. The Practicum class combines methods and practice teaching into one class.

Several of the 200 level classes are available for Brain Gym(R) instructors to teach providing they take all of the requirements for teaching that class including the teacher training class for teaching that class. Some of the classes were developed by individuals who have not developed a teacher training for their class and are only training specific individuals to teach their class. The 300 level and above classes require you to be a faculty member of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation which requires that you accomplish even more training just as becoming a college professor would require more training. We hope someday the Brain Gym instructor/consultant program will become a master's program.
Best Wishes,
Dave Saunders

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